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Hints and tips for Traveling

  • In cold areas place newspaper on your windscreen overnight to stop ice forming.
  • Fill the ashtrays in your car with potpourri- this deters people from smoking and smells nice.
  • If your steering wheel shakes when driving- get your shock absorbers checked. Failing to replace worn shock absorbers, not only can nullify your insurance claim in the case of an accident, it can also mean a really expensive repair bill. Worn shock absorbers damage CV joints, steering racks and suspension mounting points. In addition they cause wear on your tyres.
  • If your windscreen wipers are working then switch on your lights. Advanced driving courses tip.
  • Tyre depth must be at least 1.5 mm across the entire tyre. Replace if they are not as your insurance is nullified by worn tyres. In wet conditions worn tyres are lethal.
  • Replace windscreen wipers every two years.
  • Keep a good following distance at all times.
  • Spray your headlights, grill and bumper of your car with something like sray and cook. It makes removing bugs and dirt much easier.
  • Keep a pair of pantyhose in the car, they are great for using as an emergency tie down, or as a fan belt.
  • Hair gel removes engine grease from your hands.