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Hints and tips for Dirty Carpets:

  • No old method of cleaning can touch the modern foam shampoos, but remember acrylic carpets become over-wet more easily than wool ones. Before shampooing, always test a spot where it won’t show as some carpet dyes run, and remember to put a piece of plastic under the legs of furniture you put back and leave it there for a few days This way a hidden nail won’t leave a rust mark

  • To stop a carpet from curling dampen towelling and place under the rug, place a heavy weight on top and leave overnight.

  • Belgotex recommends the new range of carpets gets cleaned with 50% solution of bleach or undiluted acetone applied with a white cloth.

  • Vinegar can get many stains out.

Sites dealing with carpets: I found them very unhelpful when I put in an  industrial quality range in my bedroom , within 24 hours it had  marks from shoe leather.  I hate the carpet as  it needs daily treatment with bleach and water to remove stains. I have fitted four Belgotex carpets in the last ten years and I do find they are prone to soiling and marking more than my Van Dyk carpets fitted in the main rooms. I also find that marks such as under a chair on all three bedroom carpets from Belgotex tend to remain visible in the pile for long periods of time.