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Hints and tips for herbal remedies: We suggest you consult your medical advisor before using these to treat illness.  We have found more than one remedy for many things- so use which ever one suits you. A thing I have personally found to help with many problems is chiropractic treatment especially for aches and pains. I had Rhuematic fever as a child which gave me a wonderful knowledge of aching joints for a life time reminder of the disease.Today I use my chiropractor qualified daughter- Dr Alexandra Gibson of Caring Corner, River Rd, Rivonia, shamefully by visiting her regularly- sometimes for free, since I paid for her seven year chiropractic course at the University of Johannesburg. She keeps my hands and feet aligned so they are pain free and I can still massage with them quite easily. She also adjusts my back and jaw to help with the headaches which are a result of a serious back injury obtained in a car accident when I was ten years old. The accident left me with such serious headaches that I was on Valium for the pain most of my teenage years, until a wonderful, wise woman, who was to become my mother-in-law, introduced me to her Chiropracter, Dr Van Der Merwe.He truly saved my sanity and under him I threw away my pills and was able to overcome my serious allergies. He did not stop there! Under his care I only had a two hour labour with my first child- after being told I would never carry a child by a gynacologist when I was 18 years of age. By the third child I had gone down to half an hour, not bad for a chiropractic visit once a month. You can read about chiropractic at Alexandra's website. 

Alexandra also treats pregnant ladies, babies and children. Chiropractic seems to work for babies with colic or after a cesarean. If your child carries a suitcase, then chiropractic can help too. However each person is different. For instance my elder daughter has to go to see Alexandra every three weeks or she gets bronchitis- I can go for a month with no problems. My husband who has had a herniated disc, needs sporadic treatment. Alex prevented him from having to undergo surgery in this matter, after two orthopedic surgeons and one neurosurgeon told him he would be in a wheelchair without the surgery and possibly never run again if he had it! He runs daily now and after three months intensive treatment no longer needed to wake up at night to go to the loo. So if you have a problem maybe give chiropractic a chance and see if it will help. Just remember it takes time and you often feel worse before you feel better.

Aches and Pains: Chest Complaints: Colds and Flu: Injuries, Burns and Cuts: Fevers: General Health: Insect Bites, Warts, Etc. Mouth and Digestion including stomach complaints: Sore Throats;  Pills and supplements

Hints and tips for Aches and Pains:

  • Grapes are a good anti inflammatory food.
  • Sore muscles will respond well to a massage with equal amounts of olive oil and ammonia.

Hints and tips for Chest: Colds and Flu;

  • Cough mixture: South African Traditional recipe

1/2 bottle honey        1 bottle borsdruppels

1/2 bottle Paragoric    1 bottle Turlington

1 bottle Wit Dulsies    1 bottle Peppermint

Place honey bottle in a bowl of boiling water, add the other ingredients, stir. Dosage one spoon every time you cough.

  • Another good recipe is a bottle of borsdruppels to a bottle of honey. Use when you cough. 
  • When using honey make sure it is not from sugar fed bees, try and get local honey as the bees then feed on the local fauna, this make the honey better for treating allergy related problems.
  • A farm remedy for chest problems is to mix milk with a raw egg and honey. Drink to build up the immune system.
  • Honey can help nasal congestion with a steam-place a dessertspoon in a bowl of hot water and breath in the fumes. Other home remedies are friar balsam and any of the camphorated oils, or eucalyptus leaves all placed in a glass bowl of hot water. Peppermint and eucalyptus oils ease a stuffy nose. Just put a few drops on a cloth and inhale.
  • Sucking a mint sweet can stop or ease a hay fever and asthma attack. Keep a stock handy and start sucking as soon as the discomfort starts occurring.
  • Grapes can ease allergies: they have antihistamine effects

Hints and tips for Sore Throats

  • Sore throats are eased with a drink of Sparletta cream soda. Equal amounts of honey and lemon juice help too.

Hints and tips for Mouth and Digestion: including stomach complaints

  • Honey will help stop plaque formation, so have a some when that toothbrush is not handy. Note: never brush teeth after eating- wait at least half an hour. Food makes the enamel soft and vigorous brushing can cause problems.
  • A spoonful of honey in a glass of warm water, will ease a tummy ache, migraine and help dehydration, it is great for fighting fatigue and will help the athlete.
  • Note: Never feed honey to an infant less than a year old as it can lead to infant botulism due to the spores in the honey. A baby has no defense against these. Never use honey if it stings when you apply it to a wound or if you are allergic to bees without a doctors advice.
  • Ulcer Medicine Use a 397g tin of condensed milk or substitute honey add a bottle each of Turlinton, Balsum Kopiva, and Versterkdruppels then add 1/2 bottle of Haarlemensies, take a tablespoon twice a day.
  • Ulcers are normally quickly healed with an antibiotic and  bismith.
  • Emergency diarrhea medicine- corn flour and water.
  • Hiccups can be cured with a teaspoon of vinegar, or 1/2 teaspoon of sugar dissolved in the mouth. You can also press the thumb of the right hand into the palm of the left hand and hold your breath for several seconds.
  • To remove a fish bone stuck in a throat swallow a raw egg and then eat mashed potatoes or bread. The egg will make the fish bone slip to the stomach and the potatoes will stop it doing more harm.

Hints and tips for Injuries, Burns and Cuts

  • To spot a splinter, wipe the injury with iodine which will darken it. First use a piece of sticky tape over the splinter, this often will pull it out without the tweezers.
  • Burns are eased with cool water. For small burns bicarb of soda will ease the sting. Large burns need cool water and a doctor.
  • Vitamin e oil will help scarring and healing.
  • Boils, abscesses and carbuncles- put epsom salts in the oven until it powders and then add glycerine to make into a stiff ointment. Apply every eight hours.
  • Starch poultice, 1 ts starch 1/2 ts boracic acid and 5 tbls of cold water. Boil till thick stirring constantly. Rub Vaseline around the part to be poultice and apply cold every 6 hours. Very good for boils and festering sore as well as eczema.
  • Chilblains. Mix 1/2 a teaspoon bicarbonate of soda with a small teaspoon of vinegar until dissolved and apply locally.

Hints and tips for Fevers

  • To bring down a high temperature use a cool bath. Give lots of liquids

Hints and tips for Insect Bites, Warts etc:

  • Insect bites- apply liquid ammonia or a little vinegar and glycerine, dampened salt will help with the itching
  • Planters warts on the feet need to have eau de cologne applied daily then covered with clear nail varnish
  • Warts: use one teaspoon of ordinary lime and mix with water to a paste. Apply to the wart daily and it will dry out and disappear.
  • Using camphor spirit on a wart seems to help with pain and make it smaller.

Hints and tips for General Health:

  • African sweet potato helps diabetes
  • Omega 3 acids can lower cholesterol levels. Never take antioxidants with any medication that is meant to lower cholesterol. The antioxidant blocks the formation of  HDL cholesterol forming.
  • If you are tired have a bath with a tbls of cloudy ammonia added. You can also warm the soles of your feet for extra energy.
  • Hyperactive children get worse if you feed them any red foods.
  • High cholesterol and cardiovascular health respond well to one glass of red wine per day. If you do not like red wine eat grapes with the seeds.

Hints and tips for Pills and supplements:

Many people are not aware of the problems they can pick up from continued medication. Doctors do not tell us. If on medication speak to your provider for advice. This section is a guideline to help you:

  1. Antibiotics: These can cause  diarrhea, Candida(thrush), Bloating, PMS,headaches, allergies, and a weakened immune system. It is important to use something such as interflora if you have a tendency to thrush. Natural helpers are, yogurt with live cultures of both acidophilus and bifidus organisms ( AB cultures)> Beef up the intake of B vitamins, in particular folic acid. To supply this eat lots of green leafy veggies, Brewers yeast, liver, eggs, beetroot, broccoli, wholegrain cereals-not white bread, cabbage and orange juice.
  2. Blood Pressure and cholesterol medication. These can cause an acceleration of the free radical damage of your cells. by depleting the coenzyme Q10 which can lead to heart problems and aging
  3. Painkillers- You need vitamin C.
  4. Tricyclic antidepressants:-Prozac, Serzone. Zoloft, etc., these drugs again deplete the coenzyme Q10 which can lead to heart problems and aging. Take Vit B2 if you find your skin or eyes are sensitive.
  5. Calcium supplements. Try not to eat cheese, as it can accelerate bone loss and ensure you have magnesium with the Calcium. Calcium without Magnesium can give bad period pains. Calcium and Magnesium can be used for pain relief..