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Hints and tips for clothes, shoes, fabric and everything else you wear.

Hints and tips for Fabrics, Shoes Stains Straw Brushes


Hints and tips for clothes and fabric:

  •  Always fold your clothes into your suitcase so the folds are across the garments. Hang up after unpacking, and the weight will pull out the creases. Stick a list of all you have packed into your suitcase, in order to return home with all your belongings.

  • Shiny patches on Suits or other garments can be removed if you brush them with a solution of vinegar  

  • Burn marks can be removed with the cut sided of a onion and soak in cold water.

  •   A zip fastener that doesn't run smoothly can be eased by rub­bing a lead pencil over the teeth of the closed zip. Do this several times and the graphite will act as a lubricant.

  • To remove perspiration stains on clothes- sponge the area with vinegar. Make a solution of three crushed asprin and the same amount of cream of tartar, mix with a little water and apply to stain. Leave 20 minutes then waash normally.

  • Tshirt motifs fade after a few washes. When new soak the garment in a strong saline (salt) solution and they will last longer.

  • Use coffee and tea to stain lace, pantihose or undies.

  • Glue a row of pegs to your cuboard door to hold belts, scarves etc.,.

  • Static electricity can be helped by drawing a wire coathanger over the garment a few times.

  • White socks will come out white  if boiled in water with lemon slice added.

Hints and tips for Shoes

  • If you find you’re out of shoe polish, rub your shoes with the inside of a fresh banana skin. Leave to dry, then polish with a woollen cloth.  

  •  Waterproof leather boots by first cleaning them thoroughly. then covering with thick soap suds. Leave to stand for 12 hours before wiping. A protective silicon spray will also waterproof and protect new shoes

  • Pen marks on vinyl can be removed with hairspray.

  • Castor oil is very effective on leather to polish and feed it.

  • Vaseline cleans patent leather, just rub off with a clean cloth for a brilliant shine.

Hints and tips for Straw:

Use 1 part lemon juice to 1 part water, do not overwet and sprinkle afterward with sulphur powder. Brush dry.

Hints and tips for Brushes

  • Wash bristle hair brushes In warm water with a spoon of washing soda and a few drops of ammonia. Tap the bristles gently up and down against the side of a washbasin without letting the roots get wet. Rinse and dry away from direct heat with the bristles facing down.  

  • Remove hairspray build up on electric equipment with rubbing alcohol, from the chemist.

Hints and tips for Shoe brushes

When shoe brushes be­come clogged with polish, wash them in hot soapy water with a dash of ammonia added.