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Sewing and handicraft tips, Wood

Hints and tips for Sewing and handicraft tips:

  • Favorite handicraft motifs can be renewed by tracing the design with a sharp nibbed pen dipped into some ink> Make the ink from half a cake laundry blue with 5ml sugar and some cold water, mix to form a paste. Allow the mixture to dry and then transfer the pattern using a iron to the new fabric.
  • To cut a pattern of a garment without undoing it: use heavy clear plastic and trace the seams with a marker. Cut out pattern piece adding a margin for the seam allowance.
  • Put candle wax in your pin cushion for rust free easy to use pins. Coffee beans are also good.
  • Use heavy plastic for tracing patterns from magazines as well.

Hints and tips for Wood

  • Before sawing plyboard use masking tape to seal the edges and you will not get splinters.
  • Dry rot in timber can be treated with petrol which will kill the fungus.
  • Rusty screws can be removed by soaking the screw in parrafin. Just paint the parrafin on the screw and leave redoing as needed. The screw will come out without damaging the wood.