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Household hints and tips for Animals, insects and pests

  • Ants dislike yeast and treacle. put it down where they are and in 10 days they will go. Talcum powder sprinkled where ants are prevalent encourages them to leave. Whole cloves also are disliked by ants. Soak pantyhose in paraffin and wrap round the bark of an afflicted tree
  • To stop ants eating your pet food, put the food bowl into a bigger bowl and fill with the outer bowl with water.
  • Ants dislike chalk so use a piece to draw a line and stop them crossing it. Must be a thick line.
  • Cockroaches will feast on oatmeal mixed with plaster of Paris and die. This is a remedy which is very friendly to the enviroment. They also do not like boracic acid sprinkled around.
  • Fly poison- one part finely ground black pepper and two parts brown sugar dissolved in milk. Flies do not like sweet peas in a room, so plant masses around the house. Cloves also repel them
  • Fish Moths oil:

Use 18 drops of lavender oil          16 drops oil of cloves 

 16 drops of oil of caraway               8 drops oil of camphor

Mix all together with 375ml turpentine  and sprinkle on to cottonwood. place where fish moths are.  

  • Epsom salts will also deter fish moths.        

  • Mice do not like mint leaves, cotton wool soaked in peppermint oil, bayleaves, lavender, cayenne pepper or sunflower seeds.
  • Mouse and rat traps should be left unbaited for a couple of days so the animals get used to them. Bait with lard, chocolate, apples, nuts. raw bacon. peanut butter or dried fruit, and use rubber gloves to mask the human smell while doing this.
  • Ban dogs from your lawn by spraying a Dettol solution on the area where they relieve themselves.
  • Fleas dislike silica sand which cuts the caprices. Use around places where your dogs lie to encourage fleas to leave. Talc also deters them.
  • Mosquitoes bothering you at night? Bruise mint and place by your bedside for an aromatic insect repellant. Use vinegar to prevent mosquitoes biting you. Bromeliads are bad plants to be close to as they attract mosquitoes.
  • Soap applied to mosquito bites relieves the itch.
  • Soapy water poured down cricket holes makes them leave
  • Jeyes fluid solution will make moles leave. Pour it down the burrows.
  • Myrtle sprigs are disliked by flies and ants, so use them in your rooms and rub down doors and window with sprigs.