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The good

  1. Ferro- Ian Peake: personalized service. Ian will visit small potters to give advice. A big company that cares for the little people.
  2. Pick and pay will provide you with a incorrectly priced bar coded product free and the second purchase is at the correct price. Insist on this.
  3. Pentatravel, after Flghtcentre what a pleasure to deal with people who cared. Six people who will go there again.
  4. Chocolate Den, for giving gifts to loyal customers and for never being too busy to give good solid advice.

The Bad:

  1. Outsurance doubles earnings.Their claims ratio - a measure of claims as a percentage of net premium income, although increasing 3% to 57%, is still below the industry average.

     (i)Outsurance-horrid experience with a lightning strike in which the Outsurance accused the homeowner of fraud. The Ombudsman could not rule either way because the evidence was verbal. The homeowner had to drop the case because of the cost of serving a summons in Pretoria became too involved and time consuming for the small amount involved.

    (ii)Outsurance: An old lady had her beautifully looked after car damaged by robbers. Outsurance wrote the car off after their chosen panel beaters quoted R6000 for repairs.  The settlement given was R3500 for a 1981 Mazda 323.  This price included R1000 for the radio.

  2. Belgotex Carpets. Corduroy, coral silk carpet marks with certain shoe rubbers. Belgotex says " light carpets do this.". Our advice, get a sample of the carpet and place in a busy door way for a week before deciding on the purchase. Exercise caution in buying carpets, stain proof does not mean the carpet does not mark. Light industrial does not mean that it is suitable for homes.
  3. Flightcentre- three phone calls and two complaints on the web page were not enough to get a call back from a travel consultant. Obviously too busy to deal with the general public.
  4. Flightcentre-messed up two journeys overseas, causing us to have a really bad time in Egypt because they did not let us know that we had new vouchers from Egypt Air who had cancelled our flight due to overbooking.
  5. Hyperama- Checkers/ Shoprite.  bar-coded prices are not accurate. Buyers please check them careful.
  6. Shoprite/Checkers bar coding- there are many complaints of the attitudes of Shoprite Checkers on the bar coding issues and treatment of customers.
  7. Hyperfoam Factory Shop: A natural sleep mattress left indentation marks and Zoobi promised to deal with the complaint. On phoning the customer found out the complaint had not been given. To date nothing has been done, this on a mattress with a 20 yr guarantee.
  8. Pick and Pay Lambton: they try to get out of giving you a incorrectly bar coded item free-we have three complaints about this in one week- bad going guys.
  9. Bonita's medical aid. People who earn more pay more, who have more than one child pay more- but the benefits are the same despite the extra cost- hardly fair.