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Natural Beauty hints and tips:

  • Use talc on your hands when plaiting long hair. It cleans the hair of excess oil and means your hands will not stick and pull the hair.
  • Fresh cold cucumber is good for softening bags under the eyes- leave on for ten minutes.
  • A white of an egg tightens the skin before that big party. An egg yolk moisturizes.
  • Milk painted on under the eyes helps bags and dark rings.
  • Yogurt is a good face mask.
  • Use lemon juice in the final rinse for blonde hair and rosemary placed in boiling water or vinegar (not spirit vinegar) for a few minutes as a rinse for dark hair.
  • 250g Baking soda added to a bath is good for body odors and helps skin irritation. If you are tired  1 tbls of cloudy ammonia can do wonders in a bath.
  • Place nail polishes in the fridge- they go on better and last longer.
  • Treat brittle hair with coconut oil. Rub in and leave for as long as possible.
  • Use aqueous cream as a cleanser for sensitive skin, it is good enough for baby.
  • Technical oil is great for cleaning your face and softening skin. Use for baby too, much cheaper than the commercial brands.
  • Run a pencil up the teeth of a zipper that sticks.
  • To firm up buttocks walk backward up the stairs, to tone thigh and bottom muscles take stairs two at a time.
  • To get an even suntan eat lots of carrots and apricots for the month before you start tanning.
  • Use damp cotton wool to apply toner. Good toners are rose water with glycerine for dry skin, with witch hazel or vodka for oily. Add around a teaspoonful to a bottle of rose water.
  • Use avocado and lemon peels on your elbows or knees for cleansing and moisturizing.
  • Save pieces of toilet soap in a wide rimmed jar melt and add 50 ml lemon juice and 200ml glycerine to each 500ml of soap for a luxury moisturizing soap.
  • An anti wrinkle treatment is to use the juice of 3-4 lemons strained and brought to boiling point added to equal parts olive oil and a few drops Eau de Cologne. Massage into the skin at night.
  • Apply a piece of ice to your newly applied lipstick and you will not leave lipstick marks on a glass.